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200 Pounds Beauty

200 Pounds Beauty

Jun. 22, 202395 Min.
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200 Pounds Beauty - Plot summary

Juwita, a heavily overweight girl, almost gave up on her life after being hit by the ninth times heartbreak. Hope comes when she has a chance of transforming into Angel, a super gorgeous, golden-voiced girl.
200 Pounds Beauty
Original title 200 Pounds Beauty
TMDb Rating 6.875 4 votes

200 Pounds Beauty trailer

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Looking to experience 200 Pounds Beauty on your own television or mobile phone at your abode? Determining which platform to use for buying, leasing, downloading, or subscribing to watch the movie 200 Pounds Beauty can be tricky, but we are eager to remove the burden.

We've enumerated several streaming and cable services, encompassing rental, purchase, and subscription options, and have recorded when 200 Pounds Beauty can be found on each. Now, before we discuss the different methods and places for watching 200 Pounds Beauty currently, here are some facts about the Comedy Music Romance film produced by director Ody C. Harahap

The film 200 Pounds Beauty is graced with the performances of Syifa Hadju (as Juwita/Angel) Alyssa Daguisé (as Eva Primadona) Baskara Mahendra (as Andre) Edward Akbar (as Richard) Mathias Muchus (as Edward) The movie, with a length of approximately 95 minutes, has a user rating of 6.875 on TMDb, according to the reviews of 4 users..

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