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A doll like me

A doll like me

Oct. 26, 2023
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A doll like me - Plot summary

This documentary delves into the world of white Barbies and dark dolls. What does she mean for children of color who struggle with their self-image and identity in a dominant white society? The Amsterdam doll shop Colorful Goodies sells Barbies, boy dolls and cuddly dolls that every child can recognize; from dolls with different skin colors and professions, to dolls with disabilities. This documentary follows three families of color who take home a doll. What does such a doll mean for your self-image if you struggle with it because you are of color, or because you have to learn to live with albinism? Is our dominant white society as tolerant as we think?
A doll like me
Original title Een pop zoals ik

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The film A doll like me presents a cast that includes The movie's duration is approximately minutes, and it has received a TMDb user rating of , reflecting the reviews of users..

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