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Aestheticising Reality

Aestheticising Reality

Why found footage failedSep. 28, 202324 Min.
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Aestheticising Reality - Plot summary

An analysis of the rise, fall, and possible rebirth of the found footage genre.
Original title Aestheticising Reality

Aestheticising Reality trailer

More information about Aestheticising Reality

Eager to enjoy Aestheticising Reality from the comfort of your living space? Sifting through various services to purchase, lease, get, or see the movie Aestheticising Reality with a subscription can be daunting, but we are here to ease the process for you.

We've outlined a variety of broadcasting and cable services, including rental, purchase, and subscription alternatives, and have indicated when Aestheticising Reality is available on each. Now, before we explore the different choices and places for viewing Aestheticising Reality at this moment, here are some particulars about the Documentary History Horror film by director Filip Cain

The movie Aestheticising Reality is headlined by Filip Cain (as Narrator) Rei Hance (as Heather / The Blair Witch Project Footage) Michael C. Williams (as Mike / The Blair Witch Project Footage) Joshua Leonard (as Josh / The Blair Witch Project Footage) Francesca Ciardi (as Faye / Cannibal Holocaust Footage) The movie's duration is approximately 24 minutes, and it has received a TMDb user rating of , reflecting the reviews of users..

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Where to watch Aestheticising Reality

 is Aestheticising Reality on netflix is Aestheticising Reality on prime is Aestheticising Reality on disney is Aestheticising Reality on apple tv is Aestheticising Reality on peacock is Aestheticising Reality on hbo is Aestheticising Reality on hulu is Aestheticising Reality on paramount

Director of Aestheticising Reality

Filip Cain

Cast of Aestheticising Reality

Filip Cain isNarrator
Rei Hance isHeather / The Blair Witch Project Footage
Heather / The Blair Witch Project Footage
Michael C. Williams isMike / The Blair Witch Project Footage
Mike / The Blair Witch Project Footage
Joshua Leonard isJosh / The Blair Witch Project Footage
Josh / The Blair Witch Project Footage
Francesca Ciardi isFaye / Cannibal Holocaust Footage
Faye / Cannibal Holocaust Footage
Perry Pirkanen isJack / Cannibal Holocaust Footage
Jack / Cannibal Holocaust Footage
Luca Barbareschi isMark / Cannibal Holocaust Footage
Mark / Cannibal Holocaust Footage
Salvatore Basile isChaco / Cannibal Holocaust Footage
Chaco / Cannibal Holocaust Footage
Joe Keery isKurt / Spree Footage
Kurt / Spree Footage
David Arquette isKris / Spree Footage
Kris / Spree Footage

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