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American Symphony

American Symphony

Nov. 24, 2023104 Min.
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American Symphony - Plot summary

2022 was shaping up to be a magical year for Jon Batiste: he had just won an Oscar for his SOUL soundtrack; had a fantastic nightly gig as the bandleader for Late Night with Stephen Colbert; and his song “Freedom”, from his We Are record, was topping the charts. And Batiste was embarking upon his most ambitious work, an assemblage of regional sounds and deep historical themes scheduled to premiere at Carnegie Hall. But then, he received crushing news: his partner, the writer Suleika Jaouad, had a relapse of her leukemia.
Original title American Symphony

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The film American Symphony presents a cast that includes Jon Batiste (as Self) The film, with a duration of approximately 104 minutes, has received a user score of on TMDb, which is based on the feedback of users..

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