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Between Us

Between Us

Jul. 12, 202390 Min.
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Between Us - Plot summary

Elodie and Laetitia live in close love and dream of having a child. As Elodie discovers that she cannot get pregnant because of a health problem and encounters financial troubles, they decide to take a roommate.
Between Us
Between Us
Original title Entre nous
TMDb Rating 6.203 69 votes

Between Us trailer

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Eager to enjoy Between Us from the comfort of your living space? Sifting through various streaming options to purchase, borrow, obtain, or view the movie Between Us with a subscription can be bewildering, but we are here to ease the process for you.

We've outlined a variety of streaming and cable services, including lease, acquisition, and subscription possibilities, and have indicated when Between Us is available on each. Now, before we explore the different options and locations for viewing Between Us at this moment, here are some particulars about the Drama film by director Jude Bauman

The motion picture Between Us boasts a roster of talent including the likes of Iris Jodorowsky (as Laetitia) Amandine Noworyta (as Elodie) William Mesguich (as Simon) Jean-François Stévenin (as Roity) The motion picture, lasting about 90 minutes, has been rated 6.203 by users on TMDb, with the rating reflecting the opinions of 69 users..

Declare about the film! Your idiosyncratic insights can aid others in deciding whether to watch it. Additionally, debating your thoughts can promote your comprehension of the narrative. Why not invest time in composing a review? Your opinions are significant, regardless of whether you found the movie delightful, disappointing, or somewhere in the center. A significant review not only expresses a verdict but also justifies it. Ponder what elements of the film worked for you and which did not, and elucidate your reasoning. Best wishes on your critiquing journey!

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Director of Between Us

Jude Bauman

Cast of Between Us

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