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Bottom Of Water

Bottom Of Water

An evil spirit that can escape the water only by possessing a living personNov. 09, 2023
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Bottom Of Water - Plot summary

An evil spirit that can escape the water only by possessing a living person. The evil spirit of a child who died unjustly while waiting for his mother alone. As her younger sister Soo-ah is attacked, she and her family suffer for a long time. Her mother Geum-jeong, a spiritual shaman, was in charge of the five elements’ energy. She tried to use her coexistence and antipathy to escape from the water ghost, but in the end, Soo-ah disappears into the cold, deep water, and the lives of her remaining family fall apart. Then one day, Ga-yeong went to find her mother who suddenly disappeared. She heads to the reservoir that swallowed Soo-ah, where she discovers a mysterious body. Ga-yeong is chased by a terrible evil spirit that takes the form of her dead brother…
Bottom Of Water
Bottom Of Water
Original title 물귀신
TMDb Rating 4 1 votes

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The film Bottom Of Water is graced with the performances of Park Sun-hye (as Ga-yeong) Park Ran (as Soo-ah) Yoon Yi-reh (as Dong-i) The film's length is close to minutes, and it has been rated 4 on TMDb, a score based on 1 users' feedback..

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Director of Bottom Of Water

Lim Ji-hoon

Cast of Bottom Of Water

Park Sun-hye isGa-yeong
Park Ran isSoo-ah

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