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Buya Hamka: Vol. II

Buya Hamka: Vol. II

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Buya Hamka: Vol. II - Plot summary

Shortly after the proclamation of Indonesia’s independence, the threat of a second aggression from the Allied forces emerged. Hamka decided to travel around Medan to spread the importance of unity between the community (religious figures) and the Indonesian military, in order to prevent them from being divided. However, this effort led to Hamka being shot. Fortunately, Hamka survived and as a result of his service, he moved to Jakarta and founded Al-Azhar. However, Hamka was falsely accused of being involved in a rebellion against Soekarno. He was arrested and tortured to sign a confession letter. Hamka persisted and his experience led to him writing the most influential book in Islamic education, the Tafsir Al Azhar.
Original title Buya Hamka: Vol. II

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The movie Buya Hamka: Vol. II showcases the acting talents of Vino G. Bastian (as Buya Hamka) Laudya Cynthia Bella (as Siti Raham) Desy Ratnasari (as Ummi Safiah) Donny Damara (as Haji Rasul) Ayu Laksmi (as Andung) The feature, with a running time of around minutes, has a user rating of on TMDb, as per the reviews from users..

Your voice matters! Your unique viewpoint on the Buya Hamka: Vol. II can assist others decide whether to watch it or not. Sharing your thoughts can also enhance your understanding of the film. So, why not take a few moments to write a review? Whether you loved it, disliked it, or felt somewhere in between, your observations are valuable. Remember, a good review doesn't just articulate an opinion—it also provides reasons for that opinion. So, think about what worked for you in the movie and what didn't, and try to clarify why. Happy reviewing!

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