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Camp Hideout

Camp Hideout

You can't hide when you're in plain sightSep. 15, 2023100 Min.
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Camp Hideout - Plot summary

Noah is a troubled teen who nearly gets caught stealing a top-secret gadget from some big city thugs. After barely escaping, he decides to hide out at a summer camp that’s run by the eccentric Falco and counselors Jake and Selena. As Noah tries to blend in with the rest of the rowdy campers, his crooked partners show up to steal the classified item, now in his possession.
Camp Hideout
Camp Hideout
Original title Camp Hideout

Camp Hideout trailer

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The feature film Camp Hideout is distinguished by its inclusion of Corbin Bleu (as Jake) Ethan Drew (as Noah) Amanda Leighton (as Selena) Christopher Lloyd (as Falco) Tyler Kowalski (as Oliver) Clocking in at approximately 100 minutes, the film has garnered a TMDb user rating of , which reflects the collective opinions of users..

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Director of Camp Hideout

Sean Olson

Cast of Camp Hideout

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