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An exclusive private Halloween night at Liseberg quickly turns into a true nightmare.Oct. 20, 2023
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Park manager Fiona is tasked with taking care of some former friends who won an exclusive private sneak preview of Halloween at Liseberg – a whole night, all alone in the empty park. But cotton candy, lovely rides and lots of laughter soon turn into something completely different, as they realize they are not alone in the park. And the night of dreams quickly turns into a true nightmare.
Original title Karusell
TMDb Rating 5.25 4 votes

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The film Carousel presents a cast that includes Omar Rudberg (as Dante) Wilma Lidén (as Fiona) Amanda Lindh (as Jenny) Emil Algpeus (as Sebbe) Embla Ingelman-Sundberg (as Tora) The picture, which unfolds over about minutes, boasts a TMDb user rating of 5.25, aggregating the opinions of 4 users..

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