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Cat Person

Cat Person

Based on the sensational New Yorker short story.Oct. 06, 2023118 Min.
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Cat Person - Plot summary

When Margot, a college sophomore, goes on a date with the older Robert, she finds that IRL Robert doesn’t live up to the Robert she has been flirting with over texts.
Cat Person
Cat Person
Cat Person
Cat Person
Original title Cat Person
TMDb Rating 7.3 3 votes

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The movie Cat Person is headlined by Emilia Jones (as Margot) Nicholas Braun (as Robert) Geraldine Viswanathan (as Taylor) Hope Davis (as Kelly) Liza Koshy (as Beth) The movie's duration is approximately 118 minutes, and it has received a TMDb user rating of 7.3, reflecting the reviews of 3 users..

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