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Concrete Utopia

Concrete Utopia

We believe we are chosenAug. 09, 2023130 Min.
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Concrete Utopia - Plot summary

The world has been reduced to rubble by a massive earthquake. While no one knows for sure how far the ruins stretch, or what the cause of the earthquake may be, in the heart of Seoul there is only one apartment building left standing. It is called Hwang Gung Apartments. The solidarity of its residents is rapidly dwindling. Under the leadership of the mysterious Yeong-tak, the lucky inhabitants of the building forcibly evict the homeless seeking shelter and impose a fascist discipline.
Concrete Utopia
Concrete Utopia
Concrete Utopia
Concrete Utopia
Concrete Utopia
Concrete Utopia
Concrete Utopia
Concrete Utopia
Concrete Utopia
Concrete Utopia
Original title 콘크리트 유토피아
TMDb Rating 7.6 21 votes

Concrete Utopia trailer

More information about Concrete Utopia

Looking to enjoy Concrete Utopia on your TV or mobile device in the privacy of your home? Choosing a platform to purchase, lease, download, or sign up to watch the movie Concrete Utopia can be overwhelming, but we are here to make it easier for you.

We've catalogued numerous broadcasting and cable services, including options for lease, acquisition, and subscription, and have indicated when Concrete Utopia is available on each. Before we explore the various methods and platforms where you can watch Concrete Utopia now, here are some specifics about the Drama Science Fiction Thriller film from director Um Tae-hwa

The film Concrete Utopia presents a cast that includes Lee Byung-hun (as Yeong-tak) Park Seo-jun (as Min-seong) Park Bo-young (as Myeong-hwa) Kim Sun-young (as Geum-ae) Park Ji-hu (as Hye-won) At roughly 130 minutes long, this movie has achieved a user rating of 7.6 on TMDb, thanks to the input of 21 users..

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Where to watch Concrete Utopia

 is Concrete Utopia on netflix is Concrete Utopia on prime is Concrete Utopia on disney is Concrete Utopia on apple tv is Concrete Utopia on peacock is Concrete Utopia on hbo is Concrete Utopia on hulu is Concrete Utopia on paramount

Director of Concrete Utopia

Um Tae-hwa

Cast of Concrete Utopia

Lee Byung-hun isYeong-tak
Park Seo-jun isMin-seong
Park Bo-young isMyeong-hwa
Park Ji-hu isHye-won
Lee Seo-hwan isChief Park
Chief Park
Kang Ae-sim isYoung-tak's Mother
Young-tak's Mother
Lee Hyo-je isJi-hyeok
Kim Shi-un isJung-woo

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