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Diagnosis: Dissent

Diagnosis: Dissent

Oct. 09, 2023118 Min.
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Diagnosis: Dissent - Plot summary

The protagonist Andrii Dovzhenko finds out a horrible truth, that has been hidden in USSR for years – most of those accused of «anti-Soviet propaganda» were never sent to prison, but to special psychiatric hospitals with a diagnosis of “slow progressive schizophrenia”. Andrii finds himself in a real hell of punitive psychiatry and faces a difficult choice – to cooperate with the KGB and return to his family, or to reveal the truth about dissidents tortured in such psychiatric hospitals. The script was based on the memoirs of Soviet dissidents who faced the brutality of a totalitarian system that used so-called “punitive psychiatry” as a weapon against free thought.
Diagnosis: Dissent
Original title БожеВільні

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More information about Diagnosis: Dissent

Eager to view Diagnosis: Dissent on your TV or mobile device within your home? Searching for a platform to purchase, lease, secure, or enroll to watch the movie Diagnosis: Dissent can be daunting, but we are here to assist you in finding the right choice.

We've catalogued numerous streaming and cable services, including options for lease, purchase, and subscription, and have indicated when Diagnosis: Dissent is available on each. Before we explore the various methods and platforms where you can watch Diagnosis: Dissent now, here are some specifics about the Drama History film from director Denys Tarasov

The feature film Diagnosis: Dissent is distinguished by its inclusion of Kostiantyn Temliak (as Andriy Dovzhenko) Nataliia Babenko (as Oksana Dovzhenko) Irma Vitovska (as Iryna Lahnovska) Ostap Stupka (as Mykola Khudimchuk) Vitalii Salii (as Kozych) With a screening time of about 118 minutes, the movie has a TMDb user rating of , which is the result of reviews from users..

Your opinion matters! Your unique outlook on the Diagnosis: Dissent can aid others decide whether to see it or not. Sharing your opinions can also enhance your understanding of the film. So, why not take a few moments to write a review? Whether you adored it, disliked it, or felt somewhere in between, your contributions are important. Remember, a good review doesn't just articulate an opinion—it also provides reasons for that opinion. So, reflect on what worked for you in the movie and what didn't, and try to explain why. Happy reviewing!

Where to watch Diagnosis: Dissent

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Director of Diagnosis: Dissent

Cast of Diagnosis: Dissent

Kostiantyn Temliak isAndriy Dovzhenko
Andriy Dovzhenko
Nataliia Babenko isOksana Dovzhenko
Oksana Dovzhenko
Irma Vitovska isIryna Lahnovska
Iryna Lahnovska
Ostap Stupka isMykola Khudimchuk
Mykola Khudimchuk
Serhii Kysil isVitaliy Kravets
Vitaliy Kravets
Serhiy Kalantay isValentin Stelmakh
Valentin Stelmakh
Oles Katsion isNurse Levchenko
Nurse Levchenko

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