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Anything Is PossibleNov. 30, 2023120 Min.
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In a world where dreams can be shared and manipulated, two strangers find themselves drawn to each other through their nightly escapades. They have never met in real life, but they know each other’s deepest desires and fears. As their connection grows stronger, they begin to question their reality and their identities. Are they really who they think they are? And what will happen when they finally wake up?
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In the feature Dream, audiences will see performances by the likes of Andrew Osei-Karmen (as Daniel) Saskia Lauren (as Maddison) With a runtime close to 120 minutes, this movie has earned a TMDb rating of from user reviews..

Your assessment of the Dream is crucial. It could help others decide if it's worth watching. Dividing your perspective can also deepen your understanding into the film. Consider setting aside some time to write a review. Whether you found the movie to be captivating, unappealing, or felt indifferent, your evaluation matters. A high-grade review not only states an opinion but also the grounds for it. Reflect on what aspects of the movie were efficient for you and which were not, and attempt to explain why. Have fun reviewing!

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