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Emilia Perez

Emilia Perez

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Emilia Perez - Plot summary

Mexico, today. Lawyer Rita receives an unexpected offer. She has to help a feared cartel boss retire from his business and disappear forever by becoming the woman he’s always dreamed of being.
Original title Emilia Perez

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We've listed several streaming and cable services, encompassing rental, purchase, and subscription choices, and have observed when Emilia Perez can be found on each. Now, before we talk about the different ways and places for viewing Emilia Perez presently, here are some facts about the Comedy Crime Music film produced by director Jacques Audiard

The cinematic work Emilia Perez includes the esteemed lineup of actors like Karla Sofía Gascón (as Emilia Pérez / Juan "Manitas" Del Monte) Selena Gomez (as ) Zoe Saldaña (as Rita) Edgar Ramírez (as ) Adriana Paz (as Epifanía) This cinematic experience lasts for an estimated minutes and has a TMDb user rating of , courtesy of users' reviews..

Your perspective on the Emilia Perez is crucial! It can lead others in their choice to watch it and can also improve your understanding of the film. Take the opportunity to write a review. Your insights, whether positive, negative, or neutral, are significant. A meaningful review doesn't just present a viewpoint—it supports it with reasons. Think about the aspects of the movie that impressed you or didn't meet your expectations, and try to explain the reasons. Happy critiquing!

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