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Family Time

Family Time

Nov. 10, 2023114 Min.
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Family Time - Plot summary

It’s Christmas time and the family has gathered. Everything goes on as it did the previous Christmases, with grandpa drinking too much and grandma trying to keep everyone in the mood. After the Christmas holidays, everyone returns to their own homes until it’s time to gather again, this time for a funeral.
Family Time
Original title Mummola

Family Time trailer

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Keen to view Family Time on your TV or mobile device within your home? Exploring a platform to purchase, rent, secure, or enroll to watch the movie Family Time can be confusing, but we are here to assist you in making the right choice.

We've outlined a variety of broadcasting and cable services, including rental, purchase, and subscription alternatives, and have indicated when Family Time is available on each. Now, before we explore the different choices and places for viewing Family Time at this moment, here are some particulars about the Comedy Drama film by director Tia Kouvo

The film Family Time presents a cast that includes Ria Kataja (as Susanna) Elina Knihtilä (as Helena) Leena Uotila (as Ella) Tom Wentzel (as Lasse) Jarkko Pajunen (as Risto) With a runtime close to 114 minutes, this movie has earned a TMDb rating of from user reviews..

Insist about the Family Time! Your peculiar insights can support others in determining whether to see it. Additionally, discussing your thoughts can promote your comprehension of the story. Why not spend time in composing a review? Your opinions are significant, regardless of whether you found the movie enjoyable, disappointing, or somewhere in the middle. A significant review not only communicates a judgment but also justifies it. Reflect on what elements of the film worked for you and which did not, and explain your reasoning. Best wishes on your reviewing journey!

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Director of Family Time

Tia Kouvo

Cast of Family Time

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