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Great Sertão

Great Sertão

Nov. 10, 2023114 Min.
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Great Sertão - Plot summary

Driven by fierce action, dynamic intensity, and unique language this epic thriller reinvents the 1965 classic film adaptation of the 1956 novel “Grande sertão: veredas” by João Guimarães Rosa. In the concrete jungles of lawless futuristic Brazil, enemies spout slam poetry in duels as their movements remind us of parkour. The adrenaline rush breaks into three timelines: the past introduces teenager Riobaldo and handsome Diadorim, the present depicts a bloody clash and reveals sexual identities, and the future exposes Riobaldo’s deal with the devil.
Original title Grande Sertão

More information about Great Sertão

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We've compiled a catalog of various broadcasting and cable services, including options for rental, purchase, and subscription, and have denoted when Great Sertão is accessible on each. Before we explore the different ways and places you can watch Great Sertão currently, let's share some information about this Crime Drama by director Guel Arraes

The movie Great Sertão is headlined by Caio Blat (as Riobaldo) Eduardo Sterblitch (as Hermógenes) Luisa Arraes (as Diadorim) Luis Miranda (as Bebelo) Rodrigo Lombardi (as Joca Ramiro) The screen time of the movie is around 114 minutes, and it has a TMDb user rating of , which is compiled from user reviews..

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Where to watch Great Sertão

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Director of Great Sertão

Guel Arraes

Cast of Great Sertão

Caio Blat isRiobaldo
Luisa Arraes isDiadorim
Rodrigo Lombardi isJoca Ramiro
Joca Ramiro

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