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Hello Ghost!

Hello Ghost!

Aug. 18, 2023104 Min.
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Hello Ghost! - Plot summary

This film is adapted from the 2010 South Korean blockbuster and tear-jerking comedy Hello Ghost. A lonely delivery man, A-wei, tries to commit suicide multiple times but fails no matter what he does. Through these failed attempts, he meets four ghosts — a smoker, a crier, a heartbroken ghost, and a mischievous ghost. In order for him to die, he learns that he has to first help these four ghosts fulfill their final wishes. In the process of doing so, A-wei befriends these four ghosts and overcomes his low self-esteem to step out of his comfort zone and experience many firsts in life.
Hello Ghost!
Original title 我的麻吉4個鬼

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We've gathered a catalog of various broadcasting and cable services, including options for rental, purchase, and subscription, and have denoted when Hello Ghost! is accessible on each. Before we inspect the different ways and places you can watch Hello Ghost! currently, let's share some information about this Comedy Drama Family by director Hsieh Pei-Ju

The film Hello Ghost! presents a cast that includes Jing-Hua Tseng (as A-wei) Ivy Shao (as ) Lu Yi-Ching (as ) Tsai-Hsing Chang (as ) Jia-Yin Tsai (as ) The film, which runs for about 104 minutes, has a user score of on TMDb, as rated by users..

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