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Houtei Yugi

Houtei Yugi

Nov. 10, 202397 Min.
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Houtei Yugi - Plot summary

Kiyoyoshi Kuga attends law school, aiming to work in the legal field as a lawyer. His childhood friend Mirei Orimoto also attends the same law school. One day, a leaflet is distributed by an anonymous person at their law school. The leaflet makes accusations about the past of Kiyoyoshi Kuga and Mirei Orimoto. Soon, unpleasant cases takes place around them. Kiyoyoshi Kuga talks to Kaoru Yuki, who is an extremely smart classmate and in charge of the mock trials. These three people chase after the truth, but they face an unexpected situation.
Houtei Yugi
Original title 法廷遊戯

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The screen production Houtei Yugi enlists the star power of Ren Nagase (as Kiyoyoshi Kuga) Hana Sugisaki (as Mirei Orimoto) Takumi Kitamura (as Kaoru Yuki) Akira Emoto (as ) Katsuhisa Namase (as ) The film, which lasts for an estimated 97 minutes, has been given a user score of on TMDb, based on the feedback from users..

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