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Jagged Mind

Jagged Mind

Believe anything but your own memoryJun. 14, 202388 Min.
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Jagged Mind - Plot summary

When Billie finds herself reliving different versions of the same first date, she must break out of a series of loops created by her manipulative ex-girlfriend.
Jagged Mind
Jagged Mind
Jagged Mind
Jagged Mind
Jagged Mind
Jagged Mind
Jagged Mind
Original title Jagged Mind
TMDb Rating 6 30 votes

Jagged Mind trailer

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Eager to enjoy Jagged Mind from the comfort of your living space? Sifting through various services to purchase, lease, get, or see the movie Jagged Mind with a subscription can be bewildering, but we are here to ease the process for you.

We've listed several broadcasting and cable services, embracing rental, purchase, and subscription options, and have recorded when Jagged Mind can be found on each. Now, before we debate the different ways and places for watching Jagged Mind presently, here are some facts about the Horror film produced by director Kelley Kali

The screen production Jagged Mind enlists the star power of Maisie Richardson-Sellers (as Billie) Shannon Woodward (as Alex) Rosaline Elbay (as ) Kate Szekely (as ) Jimmy Jean-Louis (as ) The film, with a duration of approximately 88 minutes, has received a user score of 6 on TMDb, which is based on the feedback of 30 users..

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