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Dec. 01, 2023100 Min.
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Joonam - Plot summary

Spurred by a provocative family memory and a lifetime of separation from the country her mother left behind, a young filmmaker delves into her mother and grandmother’s complicated pasts and her own fractured Iranian identity.
Original title Joonam

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We've outlined a variety of streaming and cable systems, including rental, purchase, and subscription possibilities, and have indicated when Joonam is available on each. Now, before we explore the different options and locations for viewing Joonam at this moment, here are some particulars about the Documentary film by director Sierra Urich

The film Joonam stars renowned actors such as Sierra Urich (as Self) Mitra Samimi-Urich (as Self) Behjat Samimi (as Self) Gary Urich (as Self) This cinematic experience lasts for an estimated 100 minutes and has a TMDb user rating of , courtesy of users' reviews..

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Director of Joonam

Sierra Urich

Cast of Joonam

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