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Nov. 04, 202340 Min.
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Kaizo - Plot summary

Kaizo unfolds the story of two children as they wander through an empty town, in a bizarre game of exploration. They venture forth in an attempt to discover something, seeking to understand what exactly happened, or perhaps just to escape from it all. Kaizo is an endless tale of love in a desolate world, a narrative game with no true conclusion, and a journey through an ageless era. It resembles a video game or a post-apocalyptic tale, which unfolds in variations, chapters, or levels. It commences and concludes endlessly. The beginning is the end, and each ending marks a new beginning.
Original title Καϊζό

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We've gathered a catalog of assorted streaming and cable services, including options for rental, purchase, and subscription, and have indicated when Kaizo is accessible on each. Before we inspect the diverse ways and places you can watch Kaizo currently, let's share some information about this Science Fiction by director George Drivas

The feature film Kaizo is distinguished by its inclusion of Angeliki Beveratou (as ) The screen time of the movie is around 40 minutes, and it has a TMDb user rating of , which is compiled from user reviews..

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