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The long, troubled, but intriguing story of an ancient clock and its numerous owners, from 1922 to today.Nov. 03, 202317 Min.
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L'Orologio - Plot summary

The short film chronicles the journey of a watch over the course of a century. In 1922, after being sold at an auction, stolen the same day, and after passing into the hands of a gambling addict it was forgotten. At the dawn of 1982 a family finds him but soon, tempted by the modern, condemns him to the window of an antique dealer. Forty years later a woman, attracted, decides to have the story of that magnificent, now forgotten watch told.
Original title L'Orologio

More information about L'Orologio

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We've outlined a variety of streaming and cable services, including rental, acquisition, and subscription possibilities, and have indicated when L'Orologio is available on each. Now, before we explore the different options and locations for viewing L'Orologio at this moment, here are some particulars about the Comedy Mystery film by director Francesco Buttani

The film L'Orologio is graced with the performances of Andrea Buttani (as Padre (2022)) Camilla Buttani (as Figlia (2022)) Rachele Fornari (as Madre (2022)) Luigi Castelli (as Banditore dell'asta) Christian Caimi (as Assistente banditore) The motion picture, with a duration of roughly 17 minutes, has a user rating of on TMDb, based on the reviews from users..

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Where to watch L'Orologio

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Director of L'Orologio

Cast of L'Orologio

Andrea Buttani isPadre (2022)
Padre (2022)
Camilla Buttani isFiglia (2022)
Figlia (2022)
Rachele Fornari isMadre (2022)
Madre (2022)
Luigi Castelli isBanditore dell'asta
Banditore dell'asta
Christian Caimi isAssistente banditore
Assistente banditore
Massimo Piccioli isPartecipante all'asta
Partecipante all'asta
Giampietro Gaddi isContendente 1
Contendente 1
Nicoletta Palastrelli isMoglie del contendente 1
Moglie del contendente 1
Annalisa Levi isPartecipante all'asta
Partecipante all'asta
Cinzia Alberti isPartecipante all'asta
Partecipante all'asta

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