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Love & Films

Love & Films

Nov. 03, 202365 Min.
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An exercise of memory about the work of Enrique Carreras, the Argentine director of ninety-five films, which explores the relationship he had with his collaborators, producers and critics, in search of an answer to the question that continues to be asked throughout time—how was he able to shoot almost a hundred films that were box-office successes and a great source of employment? Beyond the sentimental and emotional value of Carreras’ films in the collective imagination, said productions are documents that explain certain processes of social transformation and behavioral patterns, a reflection of different decades, with their own social and political circumstances.
Original title Amor y cine

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The film Love & Films is graced with the performances of Mercedes Carreras (as ) Marisa Carreras (as ) Victoria Carreras (as ) Clocking in at approximately 65 minutes, the film has garnered a TMDb user rating of , which reflects the collective opinions of users..

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