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Love in Country

Love in Country

A story of war and loveSep. 27, 2023122 Min.
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Love in Country - Plot summary

It’s 1968. Ian and John, two young point men in love in the midst of the Vietnam War, lead their squad in a desperate attempt to survive a botched Phoenix Mission, despite their Captain who has lost his humanity and who will use any means to win, including sacrificing the squad.
Love in Country
Love in Country
Love in Country
Original title Love in Country

Love in Country trailer

More information about Love in Country

Desiring to play Love in Country on your screen or handheld device? The quest to find a streaming platform for purchasing, renting, downloading, or signing up to watch the film Love in Country might be challenging, yet we are dedicated to reducing your stress.

We've gathered a list of various broadcasting and cable services, including options for rental, purchase, and subscription, and have indicated when Love in Country is available on each. Before we inspect the different ways and places you can watch Love in Country currently, let's share some information about this Drama War by director Kurt Braun

The feature film Love in Country is distinguished by its inclusion of David Garber (as Sgt. Ian Alexander) Michael Southworth (as Sgt. John Reese) Vincent van Hinte (as Capt. John Tower Heinrick) Elijah Olachea (as PFC Jay Edgar Burd) Jon Owens (as PFC 1st Class Charles 'Thumper' White) The film, which runs for about 122 minutes, has a user score of on TMDb, as rated by users..

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Where to watch Love in Country

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Director of Love in Country

Kurt Braun

Cast of Love in Country

David Garber isSgt. Ian Alexander
Sgt. Ian Alexander
Michael Southworth isSgt. John Reese
Sgt. John Reese
Vincent van Hinte isCapt. John Tower Heinrick
Capt. John Tower Heinrick
Elijah Olachea isPFC Jay Edgar Burd
PFC Jay Edgar Burd
Jon Owens isPFC 1st Class Charles 'Thumper' White
PFC 1st Class Charles 'Thumper' White
Robert M. O'Brien isSP4 Thomas 'Doc' Graham
SP4 Thomas 'Doc' Graham
John Michael Tilmont isAgent Crawford CIA
Agent Crawford CIA
Vu Ha isMonk in the Grotto
Monk in the Grotto
Brandon Yutterman isLt. Harold Holis
Lt. Harold Holis
David A. Miller isBattalion Commander
Battalion Commander

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