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Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

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Midnight Sun - Plot summary

Mi-sol, who has the XP disease, cannot be exposed to sunlight due to her medical condition. She always stays home in order to avoid sunlight, and finds joy in singing. One day, Mi-sol’s life shifts as she falls in love with a boy outside of her window, Min-jun, who runs a fruit truck in the neighborhood. Despite the great obstacle of her disease, they manage to grow their romance and dream together of their future. Min-jun’s support for Mi-sol’s dream helps her work up the courage to sing for a bigger audience.
Original title 태양의 노래

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The screen production Midnight Sun enlists the star power of Jung Ji-so (as Mi-sol) Cha Hak-yeon (as Min-jun) Kim Sang-ho (as ) Jin Kyung (as ) This film's duration is nearly minutes and it has secured a user rating of on TMDb, tallying up reviews from users..

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