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Mom, Is That You?!

Mom, Is That You?!

Sep. 01, 2023111 Min.
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Mom, Is That You?! - Plot summary

Akio Kanzaki’s job as head of human resources is wearing his nerves thinner and thinner. To make matters worse, he’s on the brink of divorce with his wife, and his relationship with his college-student daughter isn’t exactly smooth sailing. One day, he decides to drop in to Tokyo’s old-timey district to visit his mother Fukue. However, things seem a little off. His mother used to be always working with an apron on, but now she’s covered in stylish clothes, looking livelier than ever, and even in love! Akio becomes perplexed, feeling out of place in his own mother’s home, but after encountering kind, warm—and almost nosey—neighbors and a side of his mother he’d never seen before, Akio gradually starts to discover something he had lost sight of.
Original title こんにちは、母さん

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In the film Mom, Is That You?!, the cast is spearheaded by the acclaimed actors Yo Oizumi (as ) Sayuri Yoshinaga (as ) Mei Nagano (as ) YOU (as ) Moe Edamoto (as ) At roughly 111 minutes long, this movie has achieved a user rating of on TMDb, thanks to the input of users..

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Where to watch Mom, Is That You?!

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Director of Mom, Is That You?!

Yoji Yamada

Cast of Mom, Is That You?!

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