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Patient No. 1

Patient No. 1

Nov. 09, 2023114 Min.
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Patient No. 1 - Plot summary

The end of the Soviet empire. The General Secretary lies in the government clinic. He is old and frail, but has a tight grip on power. “The power is only taken, it is never given away,” he repeats. And it is convenient for both the elites and the secret services — while the “body” is alive, various groups are scoring their political points. The General Secretary is “sentenced to life”. A young nurse Sasha looks after him. Small, fragile and invisible, she bears a heavy burden of responsibility for the life of the country’s top official. Meanwhile, the old man is waging a war in Afghanistan, has a nuclear button and can take the entire world to the grave with him.
Patient No. 1
Original title Пациент №1

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The movie Patient No. 1 prominently features Aleksandr Filippenko (as The General Secretary) Olga Makeeva (as Sasha) Inna Churikova (as ) Igor Chernevich (as ) Sergey Gilev (as ) The film's length is close to 114 minutes, and it has been rated on TMDb, a score based on users' feedback..

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