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Pichaikkaran 2

Pichaikkaran 2

May. 19, 2023148 Min.
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Pichaikkaran 2 - Plot summary

A poor man with a painful past becomes a victim of illegal brain replacement surgery, leaving him to struggle in the shoes of a rich billionaire.
Pichaikkaran 2
Pichaikkaran 2
Pichaikkaran 2
Pichaikkaran 2
Original title பிச்சைக்காரன் 2
TMDb Rating 4.5 5 votes

More information about Pichaikkaran 2

Aspiring to watch Pichaikkaran 2 on your television or mobile device at home? Picking a platform for buying, leasing, downloading, or enrolling to view the Pichaikkaran 2 movie can be perplexing, but our team is here to lighten the load.

We've catalogued numerous streaming and cable systems, including options for lease, acquisition, and membership, and have indicated when Pichaikkaran 2 is available on each. Before we explore the various methods and platforms where you can watch Pichaikkaran 2 now, here are some specifics about the Action Drama Science Fiction film from director Vijay Antony

In the film Pichaikkaran 2, the cast is spearheaded by the acclaimed actors Vijay Antony (as Vijay Gurumoorthy / Sathya) Kavya Thapar (as ) Radha Ravi (as ) Y. G. Mahendran (as ) Mansoor Ali Khan (as ) The feature film, which spans about 148 minutes, holds a user rating of 4.5 on TMDb, derived from the reviews of 5 users..

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Where to watch Pichaikkaran 2

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Director of Pichaikkaran 2

Vijay Antony

Cast of Pichaikkaran 2

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