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¿Quieres ser mi hijo?

¿Quieres ser mi hijo?

Sep. 21, 2023100 Min.
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¿Quieres ser mi hijo? - Plot summary

Lu, a conformist woman in her forties, learns that her 15-year partner has been having extramarital affairs. Starting from scratch, she gets involved in an unexpected relationship with a young womanizer.
¿Quieres ser mi hijo?
¿Quieres ser mi hijo?
¿Quieres ser mi hijo?
Original title ¿Quieres ser mi hijo?
TMDb Rating 8.598 169 votes

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Wishing to watch ¿Quieres ser mi hijo? on your television or handheld device at home? Looking for a platform to purchase, lease, secure, or subscribe to watch the ¿Quieres ser mi hijo? film can be tricky, but we are here to help you in making your choice.

We've outlined a variety of streaming and cable systems, including rental, acquisition, and subscription possibilities, and have indicated when ¿Quieres ser mi hijo? is available on each. Now, before we explore the different options and locations for viewing ¿Quieres ser mi hijo? at this moment, here are some particulars about the Comedy Romance film by director Ihtzi Hurtado

The film ¿Quieres ser mi hijo? presents a cast that includes Ludwika Paleta (as ) Juanpa Zurita (as ) Hernán Mendoza (as ) Harold Azuara (as ) Agustín Arana (as ) The film, which runs for about 100 minutes, has a user score of 8.598 on TMDb, as rated by 169 users..

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