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Nov. 18, 2023
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Tamgohoy - Plot summary

Synopsis: Dagohoy plays a flute near a river when disrupted by an ethereal voice and the tragic news of his brother’s death. Desperate for a proper burial, he pleads with the reluctant Friar for blessing, leading to a disagreement and Dagohoy’s injury. A kind villager found Dagohoy helplessly and tended his wound. Afterwards, a ‘spirit’ visited Dagohoy in his dream. The following day, they seek Tamblot, a male Babaylan and revolutionary leader, to further heal Dagohoy’s wounds. While performing the ritual of renewal and baptizing the new resistance fighters, the Friar saw the traditional baptism. He disapproves and challenges Tamblot, leading to a fight. After some time, while still constantly visited by the ‘spirit,’ the revolutionaries prepare for a significant uprising led by Dagohoy. Their battle cry for justice signals the beginning of 85 years of revolution.
Original title Tamgohoy

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We've listed several streaming and cable services, including rental, purchase, and subscription choices, and have observed when Tamgohoy can be found on each. Now, before we talk about the different ways and places for viewing Tamgohoy presently, here are some facts about the Action Adventure Animation Drama History Mystery War film produced by director Roxlee

The movie Tamgohoy is headlined by Roxlee (as Friar) Ronnie Lazaro (as Tamblot) Rafael Bulan Luna (as Dagohoy) Marion Dineil (as villager) Bob Macabenta (as Dagohoy's brother) The feature film, which spans about minutes, holds a user rating of on TMDb, derived from the reviews of users..

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Where to watch Tamgohoy

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Director of Tamgohoy


Cast of Tamgohoy

Roxlee isFriar
Bob Macabenta isDagohoy's brother
Dagohoy's brother

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