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The Ant Woman

The Ant Woman

Nov. 10, 2023100 Min.
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The Ant Woman - Plot summary

Renata seeks refuge in the house of Virginia, her sister. Virginia lives a quiet life with her son Lucio in a provincial city and the only thing that seems to worry her are the ants that have invaded her home. Renata has nowhere to go. Virginia wants to help her and receives her; But the days pass and the drama of daily life begins to reveal the link between them, the pain of recognizing and rediscovering each other in a past that returns and takes strange forms.
The Ant Woman
Original title La mujer hormiga

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The movie The Ant Woman casts in significant roles Eugenia Alonso (as ) Julieta Vallina (as ) Juan Parodi (as ) Massimo Canavesio (as ) Alberto Gieco (as ) This film's duration is nearly 100 minutes and it has secured a user rating of on TMDb, tallying up reviews from users..

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