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The Battle

The Battle

Oct. 12, 202384 Min.
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The Battle - Plot summary

21 sequence shots depict moments in a defining night of the Battle of Rua Maria Antônia, in October 1968, from the point of view of the students and professors of the Left-wing Student Movement, in the Philosophy Faculty building of USP.
Original title A Batalha da Rua Maria Antônia

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The screen production The Battle enlists the star power of Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha (as Leda) Pâmela Germano (as Lilian) Isamara Castilho (as Angela) Juliana Gerais (as Maria Elena) Caio Horowicz (as Benjamin) The feature film, which spans about 84 minutes, holds a user rating of on TMDb, derived from the reviews of users..

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Director of The Battle

Vera Egito

Cast of The Battle

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