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The Comeback

The Comeback

Jul. 21, 2023
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The Comeback - Plot summary

Uncle Hua, who has lived in the old street for many years, is highly respected by the neighbors and has been selling antiques for a living. “If you are in trouble, find Uncle Hua” has almost become the life creed of the neighbors in the neighborhood. Because of the real estate business, the old street was forcibly demolished by the local Qinglong Gang. Six corpses, seven passports, and guns were accidentally found inside the wall of Uncle Hua’s antique shop, causing everyone to be horrified. All this was seen by the homeless old man Cao… …At the same time, Uncle Hua was hunted down by a mysterious organization headed by Ajie. Who was Uncle Hua? Everything became complicated and confusing.
The Comeback
The Comeback
Original title 零號追殺
TMDb Rating 3.5 2 votes

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The film The Comeback is graced with the performances of Simon Yam (as ) Andy On (as ) Yuen Wah (as ) Jiang Peiyao (as ) Mu Lei (as ) The film, which lasts for an estimated minutes, has been given a user score of 3.5 on TMDb, based on the feedback from 2 users..

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