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The J-Horror Virus

The J-Horror Virus

Oct. 11, 202395 Min.
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The J-Horror Virus - Plot summary

How did a single ‘Big in Japan’ videotape change the course of global horror history? Find out in this insightful documentary charting the origins, evolution and diffusion across the world of a distinctive brand of Japanese supernatural chillers featuring vengeful ghosts manifesting themselves through contemporary technology against a backdrop of urban alienation and social decay. From PSYCHIC VISION: JAGANREI (1988) and straight-to-video SCARY TRUE STORIES to such key titles as RING (1998), PULSE (2001) and THE GRUDGE (2002), critics and filmmakers reflect on how the bleak Dystopian visions and unsettling atmospheres infiltrated their way into the world’s shocker consciousness.
The J-Horror Virus
Original title The J-Horror Virus

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The movie The J-Horror Virus casts in significant roles Takako Fuji (as ) George Iida (as ) Rie Ino'o (as ) Teruyoshi Ishii (as ) Kiyoshi Kurosawa (as ) The screen time of the movie is around 95 minutes, and it has a TMDb user rating of , which is compiled from user reviews..

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