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They dreamed of the ghetto...But they woke up in Iowa.Sep. 10, 199992 Min.
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Whiteboyz - Plot summary

In a virtually all-white Iowa town, Flip daydreams of being a hip-hop star, hanging with Snoop Doggy Dogg and Dr. Dre. He practices in front of a mirror and with his two pals, James and Trevor. He talks Black slang, he dresses Black. He’s also a wannabe pusher, selling flour as cocaine. And while he talks about “keeping it real,” he hardly notices real life around him: his father’s been laid off, his mother uses Food Stamps, his girlfriend is pregnant, James may be psychotic, one of his friends (one of the town’s few Black kids) is preparing for college, and, on a trip to Chicago to try to buy drugs, the cops shoot real bullets. What will it take for Flip to get real?
Original title Whiteboyz
TMDb Rating 5.133 15 votes

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We've catalogued numerous broadcasting and cable systems, including options for rental, acquisition, and subscription, and have indicated when Whiteboyz is available on each. Before we explore the various methods and platforms where you can watch Whiteboyz now, here are some specifics about the Comedy Drama Music film from director Marc Levin

The movie Whiteboyz is headlined by Danny Hoch (as Flip) Piper Perabo (as Sara) Dr. Dre (as Don Flip Crew #1) Fat Joe (as Don Flip Crew #2) Eugene Byrd (as Khalid) The film, which lasts for an estimated 92 minutes, has been given a user score of 5.133 on TMDb, based on the feedback from 15 users..

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Where to watch Whiteboyz

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Director of Whiteboyz

Marc Levin

Cast of Whiteboyz

Dr. Dre isDon Flip Crew #1
Don Flip Crew #1
Fat Joe isDon Flip Crew #2
Don Flip Crew #2
Snoop Dogg isHimself

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